9. Medical Billing

Here is an example of how this type of scam is promoted.

Medical Billing Scam

Here is what a victim has to say about how the scam works.

“Signing up for UCS I was told all I had to do was go through a brief training program and then I would be able to do date entry from home. I was not told that I would need to start my own business, in itself incurring costs, register with their warehouse, a continual extra cost, or buy many expensive manuals and books on medical billing. I was talked out of my initial refund request by Henry who told me to just try the first training station and if I didn’t like it he would refund my money. 

After trying the first station, and finding out about these undisclosed costs (after they get your money, of course) I was told my Henry’s “twin brother” that a promise like that would never have been made but he would let Henry know. I haven’t heard back. I feel that this company misrepresented the process needed to complete their program and did not make good on their promise of a refund.”  – Rachel
San Luis Obispo, California