8.1. Subscription Cancellation and Refund Policy. Federal and state law requires that IBOs notify
their retail customers that they have three business days (5 business days for Alaska residents. Saturday
is a business day, Sundays and legal holidays are not business days) within which to cancel their
purchase and receive a full refund upon contacting WAKEUPNOW Support Department to request
cancellation, filling out the proper forms, and submitting the proper forms via email to Support. IBOs shall
verbally inform their customers of this right, shall provide them with two copies of a retail receipt at the
time of the sale, and shall point out this cancellation right stated on the receipt.

Additionally, all approved refunds will have a 10% Service Fee assessed in addition to the pro-rated
refund schedule agreed to in the Policies and Procedures. In order to apply for a refund for monthly
subscriptions of WAKEUPNOW services, an IBO or customer must fill out the Subscription
Refund Request form and send it to customer support for processing
(support@wakeupnow.com).The refund amount(s) for monthly subscriptions are based upon
days/weeks of use, and are issued according to when WAKEUPNOW receives a refund request form.
Refunds are issued according to the following schedule:

Month 1

Refund Request received via Email from the date of purchase % Refund
0-3 business days 100%
4-7 calendar days 75% minus Fees
8+ calendar days 0%

Month 2 +

Refund Request received via email from the date of payment % Refund
1-3 days 100% minus Fees
3+ days 0%
To cancel a reoccurring automatic subscription, a customer must fill out and return an Auto Subscription
Cancellation form to Customer Support, no later than 7 days before the customer is billed for the automatic
subscription or before the automatic subscription is processed. Any cancellation made between 6 days
before the bill/process date and the bill/process date will not be given effect until the following month.

– Source https://hub.wakeupnow.com/resources/cmsHubResources/152.policies_and_procedures.pdf